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Glacier Park's Famous Joe Cosley


We are proud to introduce the THIRD EDITION of Belly River's Famous Joe Cosley. He was the first ranger hired in Glacier National Park's Belly River District. The early rangers were hired because they were mountain men. The slogan used in those days was, "It takes a trapper to catch a trapper" and that was definitely Cosley. Joe was hired because he was not afraid to be alone in the wilderness for eight months all winter long. He knew every game trail and tree like the back of his hand. He trapped rare black beaver and other profitable pelts and quickly became the most famous character in Glacier National Park.

This book is your complete source on Joe Cosley, his background, his friends and his elusive ways in the wilderness. Now learn the location of Joe's hidden camp, how he was apprehended and taken over Gable Mountain to East Glacier, then by train to historic Belton station at West Glacier. Discover just what happened before, during and after his trial. Find out how Cosley got away from the authorities and who won the race to get his cache of furs.

"Brian McClung has drawn on his background as a biographer, wilderness traveler, outdoor writer and editor. He breathes vitality into this comprehensive and entertaining history."
192 pages with many rare pictures and map. Size: 9 x 6 x 1/2. 192 pages, 12oz

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