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We invite our readers to take a free virtual tour of The Joe Cosley Exhibit by clicking on our link to the Cardston Historical, located at the very bottom of this page. When on their home page, click on Archives and then Courthouse Archives. The Cosley Exhibit is permanently and professionally displayed. Enjoy this amazing exhibit!

Our Each year we celebrate the romance of Joe Cosley and thank our many readers with a FREE DRAWING. On FEBRUARY 4, 2020 we awarded a beautiful bouquet of Long Stemmed Roses, Hooked for Good, Hooked For Life by Brian McClung and a 1 year subscription to Trapper and Predator Caller Magazine provided by Media 360.

We are pleased to announce that Don Hildinger of Nash, Oklahoma is our Grand Prize Winner! Check our FREE DRAWING page for all the details.

You too can be a winner and Recapture the romance in your life!
Our next Free Drawing will take place on January 25, 2021.

Click on our FREE DRAWING tab for more details.
While no purchase is necessary, all book and DVD orders are automatically entered in our drawing.

We recently received a card from Doug Mitchell, Executive Director of Glacier National Park Conservancy. His note included an E-blast to 21,000+ supporters.
Belly River's Famous Joe Cosley was one of Doug's four favorites featured in the E-blast.
Doug's Review: "Unbelievable stories of what it was like for rangers in the dawning of the National Park Era." See other reviews on our review page.

If you love Glacier National Park as much as we do, please contact Doug Mitchell. He leads an experienced, dynamic team in their work to help preserve one of America's greatest treasures. He can be reached at P.O. Box 2749 Columbia Falls, MT 59912

The BEST VALUES on this website are the Twin Book Special and the Bear Safety Book/DVD Package. Two products are shipped in a Priority Envelope for $7.00! The perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiast and any occasion.

The THIRD EDITION of our popular book "Belly River's Famous Joe Cosley" continues to sell very well.This new edition has it all: Romance, Adventure, Drama, History set in the spectacular scenery of Glacier and Waterton National Parks. It is dedicated to Joe's friends and family, whom he held in high regard. Now available for prompt shipping, the retail price remains at $20.00.

Last summer we received a phone call from a reader in Montana who had recently bought Belly River's Famous Joe Cosley at a book store in Kalispell. Here is his review "I worked in Belly River on trail crew in the summer of 1973, and never knew the history of Joe Cosley and Belly River. This is a great book and the author did a fantastic job of telling an amazing story. It is a book you can't put down once you start reading it. I can't wait to read Hook for Good, another book on the Belly River in Glacier National Park." Sincerely, Pat Maher. Click on our Products and Reviews tab for more product information and reviews.


Hooked For Good . . .
If you liked our Joe Cosley book, you'll love this twin companion book. It not only contains the profound wisdom, humor and spiritual insights of Brian's father, it also tells the rest of the story on Joe Cosley and the Park Ranger who captured him. This book is more than a hike down memory trails-it is a journey through history.Trail Guide included. "See Products and Reviews tab"

Belly River's Famous Joe Cosley
Park Ranger, Mountain man, Trapper, Fancy Shooter, Soldier, Indian Fighter, Renegade, A Man's Man, Artist, War Hero, Fancy Rider, Photographer, News-maker, Poacher, Guide, Romantic, Poet, Fancy Skater, Story Teller and Author, Tree Carver, Ladies Man, and All Around Good Guy.
"Received your book, hubby really likes it." Chataham, NY.

Twin Book Special: "Hooked for Good, Hooked for Life: the Passion for Fishing Belly River" at HALF PRICE and "Belly River's Famous Joe Cosley" - $40.00 value.

Hiking Bear Country
Learn how to protect yourself and those hiking with you. The whole purpose of hiking in bear country is to enjoy the trek, see the mountains and valley vistas with friends and return home safe with memories and pictures to share. "This is the best bear-avoidance support material to prevent attacks." Robert Johnson, North Dakota

Staying Safe in Bear Country
ON BACK ORDER - NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME Why not protect yourself? You have control over most of the important factors that determine your safety. Increase your knowledge of bear behavior and learn how to prevent bear encounters and attacks. Safety is no accident - it is your responsibility.
$24.00 DVD

Living In Bear Country
Why not protect your home and your family? This DVD provides practical advice on ways to minimize problems with bears in places that people live. Safety is no accident - it is your responsibility.
$24.00 DVD

Book & DVD Package "Hiking Bear Country" at HALF PRICE and "Living In Bear Country"at $24.00
$33.00 value.


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